The German Fourth State Treaty Reform at the SBC Barcelona

The gambling experts from different countries gathered at SBC Barcelona to discuss the most common issues in the industry. And Germany and its difficult stage of the legislation sector weren’t left without attention. The local German legislation news was talking to the Fourth State Treaty reform, which caused the “Germany – stumbling at the last hurdle?” conference.

The new Interstate Treaty on Gambling (ISTG 21) was launched on July 1, 2021. It led to big changes in the legislation sector of gambling in the country, especially in relation to online gambling. The Fourth State Treaty reform let the operators have new licenses and start the legal online activity.

However, the big challenges come with the big opportunities. The new rules caused the deposit and betting limits to become tighter. The taxes policy and gambling marketing are changed as well. According to the critics, the treaty isn’t supported by the major number of market representatives.

The speakers at the conference were discussing the effects in the German gambling market after this refreshing. Matej Novota, data and complaints department lead at CasinoGuru, noticed that now, the majority of the Germans play at offshore casinos.

Mery Blomqvist, CMO at Ellmount Group, added that the regulation is important not just for the government, but for the players as well. But now it’s become hard to play. So why do the players have to stay in this market and play in a legal way?

Nico Jansen, a Founder and CEO at Bet IT Best, also reminded about the operators, which are suffering from the wrong treatment by the government.

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How to change it?

From Silvia Hoppe’s point of view, the government has to rethink how to approach the market. The authority has to remember about the players. They need to talk to players actively.

The players will always want to have fun, entertain themselves and spend money, that’s why it’s important to make the market regulated and let the people play legal games, instead of violating the laws.

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